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The history of the GOSE

The Harzer Urbier GOSE from Goslar bears the same name as the river, after the imperial city is named (GOSE, lar = warehouse at GOSE). The former free imperial city of Goslar in the Middle Ages was for its good beer, the "Goslarian GOSE" famous. The legend states that already king Otto III. in the year 995 drunk the GOSE and has highly praised it. Documented, there is a dispute dating back to 1397, in which the Bishop of Hildesheim in a dispute for the Goslarer mediated, whereupon the Goslarer got right. As thanks the Council of the City of Goslar sent a barrel of beer to the Bishop!

Because of its good taste to GOSE soon conquered the whole resin. It advanced to export success and was in the 14th Century even transported to Hamburg. After in 1552 the city of Goslar lost the rights of mining at the Rammelsberg to Herzogtum Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel, the magistrate of the imperial city came to the idea of beer as a replacement export economy. So the city held up to 380 "Braugerechtsame", ie the right to brew beer.

GOSE was brewed in ancient times according to the principle of "spontaneous fermentation": according to the manufacture of mash stored in open kettles in the cellars of the former breweries. Bierhefebakterien coincidentally came from the damp walls and ceilings of the vault into the kettle, allowed the South to brew beer. Remained Hefebakterien arose from acetic acid, the further behind the brewery was. In 1800 it was succeeded elsewhere, the brewer's yeast to multiply and specifically in the manufacture of beer only. The beers became better. In Goslar but we stayed with the old way of brewing with spontaneous fermentation. So went the Gosebrauerei back around 1840 and came to a halt completely.

Only in 1935 the GOSE for a short time from the brewery Fritz Natermann revived in Goslar. From 1993 to 2004, the brewer Andreas Wagenführer with his "Gosebrewery Goslar-Oker" with appropriate modern production, the old tradition of beer-GOSE again, until in April 2004  Odin Paul, Brewer of "Brauhaus Goslar", took over the production of the Harzer Urbier.

Did you know already: Just as the "Kölsch" in Cologne is also the "GOSE" Goslar from not only the name of the beer, but even their very own beer. The GOSE is a wheat beer, made from top-yeast. The taste may be seen as "malty with a slight hop note" to describe and Pils beer drinkers like it just the same.

There are in Germany only three cities (Goslar = GOSE, Leipzig = Leipziger GOSE, Köln =  Koelsch, which may boast of their own beer to have. And Goslar is one of them!

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